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College life can get hectic—really hectic—and Columbia is no exception. With papers, exams, labs, projects, work schedules, and all other madness that comes with the territory, sometimes it can get challenging to schedule in anything else. For some people, unfortunately, that means not having enough time to eat and cringing at the thought of making anything that doesn't come prepackaged and microwave-ready. Coming from the South where the kitchen is the heart of the house and food is the way to anyone's soul, I felt the need to bring easy, quick, and inexpensive recipes to the busy college student. After much brainstorming and chatting with family members and friends as well as a little back-and-forth with Spectator, I feel honored to present to you "Cooking Between the Books." For all of you who are tired of Ramen Noodles and prepackaged macaroni and cheese, this is your destination for a little spice in your cooking life. Stay tuned every two weeks for recipe ideas that are sure to make your roommate, suitemates, or even the people down the hall a little green with envy—all with little time and effort. Whether you're an expert or a cooking novice, I'm sure you'll find something you like in the different options that will be flowing your way all semester. You'll be equipped to make breakfast, lunch, dinner, or brunch, not to mention a little something for all those with an insatiable sweet tooth. And speaking of which, if you're a fan of following all of the rules, brace yourself­—we're going to start with dessert first! Kool-Aid pie has been one of my favorite desserts to make ever since I got the recipe from a family member a few years ago. Always the source of much interest when I mention it to friends, it is not only a pie made with a packet of Kool-Aid, but it's also delicious! A popular holiday dessert in my family, the pie is quite simple to make, and it is a cute recipe to make to sweeten up your Valentine's Day. In my opinion, cherry and lime are the best flavors. As it is February, I am going to dedicate this recipe to Black History Month and to a very talented cook—my cousin Lois—who introduced the recipe to me. So as you go through the week, remember­ that the luxury of cooking is yours for the taking! Kool-Aid Pie 1 package of Kool-Aid (any flavor) ½ 8 oz carton of whipped cream 1 9-inch graham cracker crust 1 can of condensed milk Crumbled graham cracker and mint leaf for garnish Mix Kool-Aid package with whipped cream and condensed milk until color is even throughout mixture. Add more whipped cream if desired taste is less sweet. Pour into graham cracker crust and even surface out. Place a dollop of whip cream in center along with a mint leaf, and sprinkle a small amount of graham cracker crumbs on top for garnish. Place in refrigerator for 3-4 hours until set and chilled. Enjoy!

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