December 3, 2013


Administrators are ready to begin a fundraising push in support of the Columbia Science Initiative.

Each week, a group of Columbia students engages in diplomacy from the comfort of dorm rooms.

Openly gay figure skater Johnny Weir spoke candidly about the role of athletes in the controversy surrounding Russia’s anti-LGBT laws and the Sochi Olympics on Monday night at an event hosted by Columbia’s Harriman Institute.

At a sparsely attended meeting to examine performance struggles at Wadleigh school, parents and teachers identified a lack of communication as the main problem.


A new year brings colder temps as well as basketball season.

After getting the Lions to overtime, Alex Rosenberg is Spectator's Athlete of the Week.

As the season progresses, the first-year players are making a difference for the Lions.


Examining the disparity in funding for athletes and non-athletes at Columbia.

But before we start picking apart who doesn’t deserve to be here, maybe it’s worth considering what the parameters of merit are.

Reaffirming the importance of empathy in the discussion of institutional discrimination at Columbia.

Arts and Entertainment

The community center’s rent has been raised $10,000 and are rallying community support.

Two SoA alums are in the spotlight of a new play opening downtown.

NOMADS’ latest play examines how people grieve.