vol. 14, issue 12

The Lead

“I believe the intellectual life of the whole of Western society is increasingly being split into two polar groups,” lectured C.P. Snow at Cambridge in 1959.


Kirill Medvedev is a Russian poet and political activist who has forgone his copyright and denounced his position in the Moscow literary world.


Eye Feature

The poet Charles Baudelaire once defined modernity as “the ephemeral, the fugitive, the contingent.” A walk through the Met’s “Impressionism, Fashion, and Modernity” exhibition, on display until May 27, reveals these qualities in the wispy brushstrokes and lace of Monet and Tissot paintings next

The Eye

I’m not someone with an extensive collection of stories. If you’ve known me for a year, you’ve probably heard all of mine. And you’ve definitely heard one of my favorites.

After Tom’s funeral, there is a small gathering at his wife Lisa’s house. She made potato salad and a honey baked ham, and she wants everyone to grieve together. When they are all settled in her living room, Lisa puts on one of Tom’s tapes and his voice fills the house.

Arts and Entertainment

At this point in our college careers, we’ve come to terms with the fact that the qualitative and quantitative are separate—that there are some aspects of the human experience we simply cannot express numerically, and some we have no choice but to label with a number.

There is an automated message awaiting anyone who tries to call the Lenox Lounge on its original telephone number, coldly and generically informing the dialer that the number has changed.

Look out, New York—there’s a hot new venue in town. It’s Kazino, a one-of-a-kind Russian supper club in the middle of the Meatpacking District.