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Dear Columbia, 

We’ve had our good and our bad times this semester. We’ve done a lot of griping—and often for a good reason. But, against the spirit of finals, we’d like to talk about some good things that happened this semester. (And forgive us our snark.)

You brought CU Admirers back. We’re excited to have lost all sight of our regular newsfeeds amid a sea of desperation, hormones, and lust.

It’s also that time of year, and you’re decked out, looking fantastic. That fresh new layer of snow, those cute ginger trees. And let’s not forget about gorgeous, illuminated College Walk. 

John Jay has been looking good too after a renovation that brought in a much needed new façade and better utility (except utensil placement). It’s not quite a renovation, but the sixth floor of Butler Library is now open 23 hours a day during finals. We’re excited about this increased opportunity to be together forever with Butler.

Your administrators have done some pretty all right things this semester. PrezBo decided to write to us—that was cool. We hope it happens more often. Also, Dean Awn and his emails knock our socks off.

The Faculty of Arts and Sciences welcomed Spectator reporters to its meetings with open arms. Ha. But actually, that’d be a pretty cool holiday gift. Nudge nudge, wink wink.

Your CU Dems have made some really awesome headway on sexual assault policy, and we’re pretty stoked about that. The election with all its ballot measures was pretty sweet too—some good democracy going on there.

In spite of the hullabaloo about athletics, we’re proud of your student-athletes—particularly women’s swimming and men’s cross country.

The way our packages were handled this year was nothing short of delightful. You were so friendly and efficient—the package center lines all but disappeared. Speaking of lines, let’s talk about East Campus. Those electronic guest swipe-y things? Great! They’ve saved us no small amount of time, and have probably saved the sanity of anyone unfortunate enough to be working the EC desk on a Saturday night.

And for better or worse, we’re all complainers. We do a lot of complaining about the problems we see with you. But we do it out of love, and, secretly—we kinda like that tradition of kvetching.

Stay classy, Columbia.



Peter Andrews, Nathalie Barton, Nicole Bleuel, Nelson Castaño, Gabriel Falk, Yasmin Gagne, Daniel Garisto, Margaret Mattes, Sammy Roth, Rachel Smith, Finn Vigeland

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