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Columbia Spectator Staff

Now in its third successive year, this year's Columbia College Days aims to more than outdo previous years' festivities. College Days, which will take place from March 25 to April 3, features a formal ball, a scavenger hunt with a $400 cash prize, a dinner with 20 Columbia College alumni, and a basketball game showcasing the Harlem Wizards, to name just a few events.

"For the past two years, Columbia College Days has been very lackluster," said Vice President of Campus Life Robert Wray, CC '06. "It was put together by three or four people, and hardly anyone knew about it. We want to completely change that this year."

The scavenger hunt, which takes place this Saturday, will include 200 students in teams of four students each. The winning team will receive $400 to split between them, and the team that comes in second place will receive a $200 dinner with a Columbia College alum.

Chloe Good, CC '06, one of the organizers of the scavenger hunt, said that participants in the hunt will go all over the city, receiving a free Metro Card to do so.

At the basketball game, the Harlem Wizards will play the recently-named "CU all-stars," a group of four small teams made up of Columbia students, faculty, and staff. Although it is part of Columbia College Days, this event was co-sponsored by all four undergraduate councils.

"I think this has been a rare but fantastic opportunity for the councils to work together," Student Government Association President Jeeho Lee, BC '04, said. "I'm hoping that this will be a good starting point for working together more often in the future. We're hoping to get 1,000 Barnard students out to the Harlem Wizards game."

In efforts to encourage a sense of community, the CCSC has also invited middle school students from the Children's Aid Society to the Harlem Wizards game.

The student-alumni dinner, which will take place at the Columbia Club, will include 80 Columbia College students, as well as 20 young alumni. All the alumni will have graduated since 1983 to ensure that the crowd is co-ed.

"We want students to have the opportunity to interact with young, successful alumni," University Senator Jennifer Schnidman, CC '06, said. "This is especially different because whenever we do get the opportunity to interact with alumni, they have never been hand-picked by students. This time, we chose them ourselves to make sure they are from diverse fields."

The King's Ball, which will be held on April 3 at Casa Italiana, is the first formal ball open to all four classes in at least 100 years. But although their dates can be from any school, only Columbia College students can buy tickets to the ball.

"After all," Wray said, "Columbia College Student Council is footing the bill for this one, and it's a very big bill."