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Columbia Spectator Staff

Getting sick of Not to worry: CUCommunity is back, and some say it's better than ever.
After a brief hiatus to upgrade the site, CUCommunity re-emerged yesterday morning as Campus Network.
While the new site is still restricted to Columbia students, it offers a variety of new features, such as group pages and several cell-phone text messenging features. .
Although site founder Adam Goldberg, SEAS '06, was unreachable for comment, spokesman Wayne Ting, CC '06, said he is enthusiastic about the changes.
CUCommunity, Ting explained, was Columbia's first online social network. "This is Columbia's baby," he said. "And now it's going national." Although Campus Network is currently limited to Columbia, planners hope to expand in the near future.
"We're going to make sure Columbia is settled before Campus Network goes to any other schools," said site spokeswoman Laura Skelton, CC '06.
While CUCommunity has long been a rival of among Columbia students, when Campus Network does branch out, it will enter into widespread competition with the Harvard-based site. But Ting and Skelton are optimistic that will not present much of a problem for Columbia's new site.
"Thefacebook is really a stagnant site," Ting said. "You can't really do much."
Skelton believes the sites are different enough to coexist. "We think the two sites serve really different purposes, she said"
Campus Network features new elements, such as a feature that "creates a ready-made online Web page for groups," Ting said.
"Since so many people created personal pages that were actually groups, there is now a group page," Skelton said.
The new site also offers mobile features that allow users to text-message invitations to join groups or requests for other users' information directly to the site, as well as a music site and new privacy options.
But some faithful CUCommunity users are still unsure about the new look.
"I don't like it yet," said Carrington Lee, CC '05. "I really don't like change."
Raza Panjwani, CC '07 was more optimistic. "It implemented a lot of new features which are really nifty."
And others are still unaware of the site at all. "Campus Network? What's that?" said Laura Dresser, CC '06.