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Columbia Spectator Staff

Students over the age of 21 can bring alcohol into Baker Field for the remaining three home Columbia football games, according to a compromise reached by student council leaders and the athletic department.

The alcohol policy was changed earlier this year to prohibit all but a few major donors to the football team from bringing alcohol to football games. The latest revision came following a meeting between members of the athletic department and the four undergraduate council presidents on Tuesday.

Though the details of the new policy, including how much alcohol each student will be allowed to bring in and how it will be monitored, will not be released until Wednesday afternoon, Engineering Student Council president Tom Fazzio, SEAS '06, said that it will "help restore the tailgating community everyone remembers from before."

At the meeting, the council presidents presented a proposal drawn up by members of all four councils, which outlined the changes they hoped to see enacted.

M. Dianne Murphy, Columbia's athletic director, was unavailable for comment, but responded via the University's communications office saying: "we are continuing to have a good, positive dialogue with student leaders. Today's meeting was a very productive one. We feel that we have come up with a win-win proposition. I look forward to continuing our conversations with student leaders in the future."

Student council leaders agreed that the meetings had been productive.

"I think the real win is that administration realizes that students must be consulted on all issues pertaining to students," said General Studies Student Council president Stephen Davis, GS/JTS '06. "Students as members of the University have a right to be heard and have their opinions considered for policies that affect them."

Michelle Oh, CC '06 and president of the Columbia College Student Council, called the meeting "a collaborative effort to change the policy in a way that would best serve the remainder of the season."

"I'm very pleased with the way it went," she said.

M.A. Moutoussis, BC '06 and president of Barnard's Student Government Association, agreed. "I think we found a way to suit everyone's needs," she said.

Council members will continue to meet with the athletics department in order to establish the policy regarding tailgating and alcohol consumption for next year's football season.