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Columbia Spectator Staff

Correction appended.

The Engineering Student Council voted against direct election of its executive board in a closed vote during the council's weekly meeting on Monday.

During the ESC's annual constitutional review session in February, the council decided that a minimum of 50 percent of the SEAS student body must vote in order for a referendum on the council's internal elections policy to pass. Though 67 percent of voters indicated that they would support direct elections, compared to 17 percent who opposed, the council decided not to change its method of executive board elections since voter turnout tallied only 33 percent.

Most council members who opposed changing the policy to direct election believed the election results did not indicate a representative number of students, while those who supported changing the policy felt it was most important to adhere to the concerns of those students who did vote.

Following the council's vote, ESC President Tom Fazzio, SEAS '06, said the council "felt that since only 20 percent of the student body feels there should be internal elections, that speaks to how the student body feels about this issue."

At the meeting, the council also discussed a new housing policy that would revoke the guaranteed housing rights of students who violate fire alarm procedures numerous times.


Correction: "ESC Elections Remain Internal" (April 5) misquoted Tom Fazzio, CC '06. He said that "only 20 percent of the student body feels there should be external elections," not internal elections.