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Columbia Spectator Staff

Last year, outgoing General Studies Student Body President Stephen Davis, GS/JTS '06, campaigned on tying the sprawling GS student body into a tighter-knit community, and he leaves his successors with a more diverse council from which to build.

"My number-one focus was community building. I wanted to make sure that the GSSC was reaching out to the GS community as best it could," Davis said.

He expanded the council with two new council positions to represent international students and those who work full or part-time.

Davis also conducted a survey that identified previously unknown student residential trends, persuading the council to extend programming as far as Brooklyn, Central Park, and the Financial District. "Who's to say that the GSSC has to hold events at Columbia or during the week?" Davis asked.

Davis also presided over a council that helped integrate GS with Columbia social life, participating in Glass House Rocks and gaining access to Lerner Pub. The Davis council also created Owl Week, a well-attended, week-long series of events for GS students.

Davis said that in his four years at Columbia, he has sensed a more dignified GS student body. "That is one of the benefits," he said. "This new GS pride I'm seeing, with JTS as well. GS students can say, 'Yeah I'm in GS, and that's a great thing.'"

-Victor Morales