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Columbia Spectator Staff

Tonight's King's Crown Shakespeare Troupe show is as ambiguous as its title suggests. A Banquet in Honor of the King of Spain sparks the first of KCST's Triple Threat, a weekend of short, free, and original theater.

"I have to warn you beforehand," says Pitr Strait, CC '07, founder of the Triple Threat, and so-called Banqueteer of tonight's event. "I can tell you as much as I can without violating the surprise. It is a secret event in that we are trying to build mystery."

He was able to divulge the following: food will be involved, "but I'm afraid I can't tell you in what capacity"; it will be less than an hour long, but "the length of the piece is in part determined by the audience, which is not to say there will be audience participation"; and it will be in English, "but I would be remiss if I swore to you it was only in English." And students from various comedy and theater groups on campus are involved, including Klaritin, Jester, the Fed, and CU Players. "Rather than just constrict ourselves to one of these formats, we're pooling our efforts to create a multi-level performance piece," he explained. "The performance will span centuries of history but will also be very immediate and present and topical."

The rest of the Triple Threat includes Friday's performance of CU Players' Ow Ow Stop Amazing Me and Saturday's Egg & Peacock event, where a whole play is created in one day. The motivation for this theater-packed weekend was practical: KCST had already reserved the Black Box this week for Egg & Peacock's one-day performance, and Pitr thought, why not take advantage of the space when it's not being used?

He stressed Triple Threat's free and short theater as an incentive for non-theater kids to see the shows. "As much as we devoted theater kids can sit through hours and hours of theater, a lot of regular Columbia students don't go for that very reason," he said.

And like any proud Banqueteer, he exhibits some proud delusions: "I have no doubts that people will be talking about this banquet for years to come."