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Columbia Spectator Staff

Columbia associate professor Lionel McIntyre assaulted Margaret Camille Davis, a production manager at the Columbia University School of the Arts, on Friday night—punching her and bruising her eye, according to police reports and local eyewitnesses. McIntyre, a 59-year-old associate professor in the urban design program at the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation, was arrested on charges of assault and harassment on Monday, according to Lt. John Grimpel. Grimpel also confirmed that Davis reported the incident to the 26th Precinct in Harlem earlier that day. According to the police report, McIntyre assaulted Davis at Toast, a local bar on 125th Street and Broadway, on Friday evening. "He punched the victim in the face, causing bruising and redness in the right eye," Grimpel said. He added that the case is now headed for the district attorney's office. Daniel Morgan, a local resident on 123rd Street who said he has known both the offender and the victim for around five years from frequenting Toast—said that he was in the bar earlier that evening but left before either arrived. Morgan said he ran into Davis on the street on Saturday, when he saw her injuries from the fight. "Her right eye was closed from getting a beating," he said, adding, "I told her, 'We got to go to the 26th Precinct and report this immediately.'" According to Morgan, nobody in the bar on Friday night had made any calls to the police, and Davis did not initially report the assault because she was frightened. "I told her, 'You are not offending anyone. You were attacked,'" he said. Though he has seen McIntyre get vocal at the bar, Morgan said he had never seen McIntyre get violent. He added, "What really pisses me off is that no one did anything about it." Morgan said that he was not sure about what caused the fight, though he noted that, over the past two years, McIntyre has generally been involved in increasingly heated conversations in the bar. Davis waited three days to inform the police, because, according to Morgan, "She was being pressured not to make waves." The bartender and Monday night manager, Jeremy—who declined to give his last name—said that he had heard that something happened but was not there on Friday night. He declined to comment further. Three locals at the bar on Monday night—all of whom spoke on the condition of anonymity—also confirmed that the altercation had occurred but declined to give any further details. Robert Hornsby, the director of media relations for Columbia University, declined to comment, citing the general University policy of remaining silent about police investigations. Lex Dunbar, a bartender who, according to Morgan was working at the time of the assault, also declined to comment. Davis and McIntyre could not be reached for comment.

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