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Columbia Spectator Staff

To the Editor:
The editorial "Unsung Heroes" (2/22/10) was clear in urging the Columbia University community to nominate their Barnard peers in nontraditional leadership roles for Student Government Association Leadership Awards. The editorial made a glaring error, however, in stating that administrators issue the awards. SGA Leadership Awards are wholly peer-nominated. The SGA Leadership Awards Dinner Committee plans and executes the Student Leadership Dinner each April at Barnard. At the dinner, the Committee presents the awards to Barnard students, staff, administrators, administrative departments, and SGA-recognized clubs. SGA Leadership Awards celebrate and honor all types of student leaders on campus—the only thing SGA asks for is your participation in the nomination process which is open until 4 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 25. Please visit for the nomination form.

Amy Chen, Barnard College ‘10
Chair, Student Leadership Dinner Awards Committee
VP of Student Activities, SGA

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