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Sometimes I feel like the object of some sort of campus-wide "Show and Tell." As one of the few conservatives on campus willing to bear my colors publicly, I tend to attract the same mixture of curiosity, disgust, and apprehension that some sort of strange animal might receive during "Show and Tell" time in a third-grade classroom. People are interested and approach cautiously, wary of some unknown threat that the beast poses. After taking a good look, they prefer to limit further interaction—lest they contract a foreign malady from whatever freakish land the beast comes. moreDespite this strange and compulsory publicity that my beliefs elicit, I try not to run out of the metaphorical shoebox that is my diorama/display case. Instead, I bear my alien curiosities of conviction for every uneasy observer to question, criticize, and (hopefully) contemplate. Though this sometimes results in rather unpleasant ends, like a salamander gasping for breath after too much handling, it all proves worthwhile because I know that I am not the only one. That's right—there are more of us. It may come as a shock to some Columbians, but there is a rather large population of conservatives in our midst. The only problem is that they're "closeted." I can't tell you how many times a fellow student has come up to me after I revealed my beliefs, and told me, in hushed tones, that he/she is in fact a conservative. Once, a stranger from the College Democrats intimated to me that she was, despite the appearances, a fiscal conservative. So that's why I'm writing today. Not as a unique specimen to prod and examine, but as a representative of one of the most censored student populations on campus. I may not always do them justice, but I will try to present conservative ideals in a thoughtful light for Columbians to critique and consider. To the conservatives out there: Hang tight. We may not have a voice yet, but we will someday. Until then, feel free to join me—there's enough room in this shoebox for all of us.

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