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The hand I'm sticking out my window indicates that an ambiguous mixture of sleet is going to leave Morningside a little damp today. The sun may have already left for spring break, but we can't phone-in classes just yet. We've done this midterms/housing/grayness thing before. And we'll do it again.more There is a silver lining to this early-March cloud (after cloud, after cloud), and a playlist to help you remember why you love New York in the first place. And proof that your temporary, Butler-induced depression really is getting you that "A" on today's exam. If the present is too soon, and the thought of interviewing for summer internships or LSATs or even thinking about the future may send you to the loony bin, rest assured! Today we suppress and look to the past for comfort. [Vulture and The Awl] Sports nostalgia. Columnist remembers the five most exciting sporting events in recent Columbia history. [Sports] Housing nostalgia. Student living in Cathedral Gardens—past our edge of the earth at 110th and Manhattan—remembers why she makes awesome housing decisions. [Opinion] Going-to-a-less-competitive-school-in-a-less-competitive-era nostalgia. Fireside chat with Barnard President Debora Spar shows that even important adults are telling us to relax a little. [News] And so we gently ease our way into the future: Possible on-campus remedy to the Israeli-Palestinian debate. Maybe just a Band-Aid. [News and Opinion] Possible changes to CCSC elections. Prevent incumbency-preference voting and show your political savvy by running for the 2010 election. [Opinion] Possible changes to the institution itself. JTS restructures the program that sends its students to the pulpit as cantors. Also, senior theses in theater no longer require three consecutive all-nighters. [News and A&E]

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