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It's been a long three months since the last Shaft entry, but a question in the comments of that very post has prompted an investigation into the infamous Summer Waitlist. more What have we turned up? Not much, unfortunately—the waitlist and transfers and basically everything that goes on during the summer is undoubtedly the most secretive part of the Housing process (well, except for EC townhouse drama, perhaps). Housing tells us that first-year assignments went out last week, while Sophomores should be getting their new assignments this week, if all goes as planned. As the lottery wound down in the spring, we received repeated questions as to likely outcomes for people seeking to better their dorm fortunes during the summer. And we were constantly frustrated by a lack of information—Housing had no comprehensive list of all the assignments and changes made last summer, and as a result we didn't have much to offer. So, let us know in the comments or by email if you've received a new assignment or transfer or if you've heard of others in that boat. (We've already heard of one group that missed out on EC initially and had to split up suddenly getting a reprieve when a suite was vacated.) We'll stow away notes in preparation for next year. That's all for the moment. If we unearth a treasure trove of waitlist details, rest assured we'll be back with as many thousands of words as we can muster to help alleviate summer boredom—we've been suffering from withdrawal. But for now, back to hibernation.

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