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Welcome to the second first day of school! There's a new set of classes to attend and more people you pretended you haven't seen yet to make small talk with. Think hard about yet another outfit to make a good impression. Today is the day we do the same thing again and pretend like it's new.

Different meal plan, same food. The administration still thinks we want meal plans without a change in the quality of the food (?!) Student interviews reflect mixed feelings . [ News ] Same apathetic student body, new attempt to revitalize excitement. The Editorial Board tells us why we should be thankful we're here . [ Opinion ] New day, same old beef with Barnard. Op-ed slams the need for compliments in an environment that's supposed to foster strength and independence unrelated to external praise. [ Opinion ] Lucas Shaw wants to pit Columbia's football team against a national powerhouse like Virginia Tech to raise money. It's just crazy enough to work! [ Sports ]
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