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Today's issues are as hot as the 85 degree weather we're expecting today (welcome back, Summer!).

CONTROVERSY ALERT : Meles Zenawi, the Ahmadinejad of WLF 2010 , SPEAKS  TODAY . Expect protests. On a less controversial note, the EU Commission President and the Spanish Prime Minister spoke yesterday. Womp, womp.[ News and News ] The Editorial Board thinks we should all  mean something to the Institution. How do we break this gently? Columbia's just...not that into you. Or your winter housing or your John Jay takeout trays. [ Opinion ] Former Double Discovery Center student, Shaun Abreu, discusses how DDC today  just isn't what it used to be after losing half its staff . [ News ] Property owners in Manhattanville aren't calling it quits after courts okayed expansion last month. THEY'RE TAKING IT TO THE SUPREME COURT …if they can, of course. [ News ]
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