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The drug ring came to light in part after the NYPD received multiple complaints on its CrimeStoppers hotline, officials said. Most of the sales took place at three campus fraternities — Alpha Epsilon Pi, Pi Kappa Alpha and Psi Upsilon — according to police. Two of the students also allegedly sold drugs from their dorm rooms at the International House and East Campus Housing, police said. Undercover officers bought nearly $8,000 worth of marijuana, $1,000 each of cocaine and ecstasy and $440 in LSD from the students over the course of the investigation, police said.

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to Altoids mints and SweetTarts candy

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Gates Millennium Scholar

has released an official statement

Special Narcotics Prosecutor Bridget G. Brennan said, “An ominous aspect of this investigation was the involvement of college students in the violent drug dealing business.  The recent shootings on September 29th and November 1st of young people involved in selling marijuana highlight the all too familiar link between drugs and violence. The students arrested today supplied dangerous substances to their friends and other students to turn a quick profit, but subjected themselves to risks, of which they were either ignorant or in denial. These students were playing with fire.”

Chris Coles 3/19/1990 Intercultural House, 554 W. 114th St. CSCS 5th – 2 cts. Criminal Sale of Marijuana 1st – 1 ct. Criminal Sale of Marijuana 3rd – 4 cts. Criminal Sale of Marijuana 4th – 1 ct. Criminal Nuisance 2nd – 1 ct.
Harrison David 8/18/1990 Alpha Epsilon Pi, 546 W. 114th St. CSCS 2nd – 1 ct CSCS 3rd – 1 ct Criminal Sale of Marijuana 3rd – 6 cts. Criminal Sale of Marijuana 4th – 2 cts. Criminal Nuisance 1st – 1 ct. Criminal Nuisance 2nd – 1 ct.
Adam Klein 3/12/1990 Psi Upsilon, 542 W. 114th St. CSCS 5th – 2 cts. Criminal Nuisance 2nd – 1 ct.
Jose Stephan Perez 10/25/1990 Pi Kappa Alpha, 536 W. 114th St. CSCS 5th – 4 cts. Criminal Sale of Marijuana 3rd – 1 ct. Criminal Nuisance 2nd – 1 ct.
Michael Wymbs 10/21/1988 East Campus Housing, 70 Morningside Drive CSCS 5th – 6 cts. Criminal Nuisance 2nd – 1 ct.

Cocaine 40 grams $1,100
MDMA 50 capsules $1,000
LSD 44 tabs $440
Marijuana 2 ½ lbs $7,900

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Columbia University has not given media outlets permission to enter your brownstones.  Reporters are only able to enter brownstone with your permission and as your visitor. Please note you are in no way obligated to respond to inquiries. If media are attempting to enter the brownstone or if reporters do gain access without your express permission, please contact Public Safety immediately at 212-854-5555 for assistance.  Public Safety will provide a patrolling officer along 114th street throughout the day in the event you need their assistance.

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competed on the fencing team last year


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featured a Stephan Vincenzo character

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