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Sometimes I feel like I'm living in Overheard in New York: Columbia Edition. If you've never seen the original website, it's an online forum where people can post all the ridiculous things they've heard that day and the location where they heard them. Highlights often include pearls of wisdom from pre-teens on M79 and exclamations from crazy people walking around Times Square. I'm amazed there isn't a site dedicated solely to Columbia University gems. There are some tidbits I've gleaned strolling down College Walk that would make you blush and burst into laughter at the same time. Because this is what people forget: Just because you are on your cell phone or talking to your friend across the table, doesn't mean I can't hear you. more I will fully admit there is an aspect of eavesdropping involved in any overheard conversation, regardless of where it is. You can call me a creep, but I find it hard to believe I am the only one who has "accidentally" overheard something and listened on longer than I should have. When someone is playing out the drama of last weekend's festivities or the amount of work he has, I guess it's comforting to know that other people have the same problems as I do. But more often than not, what I pick up on is not standard fare. Like the girl behind me in the dining hall, who went into explicit (and I mean NC-17) detail about her sex life. I was just sitting there, trying to enjoy my stir-fry, when my ears were accosted by pornographic material. Or when I was crossing Broadway and the girl next to me was casually chatting about her 10 medication prescriptions on the phone, followed by her self-diagnosing and describing the near fistfight she got into with her doctor. Not really a conversation for the sidewalk. Going to school in New York City obviously means that our privacy level is going to be at a minimum. Your blonde moments are privy to the entire campus. But next time you want to discuss that guy who does that disgusting thing, wait until after you've entered Hamilton. Or wait until you are back in your room. Your roommate might not appreciate it, but the general public will be eternally grateful.

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