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Courtesy of Lauren Zanedis

Traditionally known more for its pantsuits than its fashion panache, Ann Taylor is a brand on the move---to Columbia. Five students were recently selected to model for the womenswear designer as part of an online look-book for the college-to-career transition. We caught up with the lucky (and luring) winners to discuss their modeling experience, dream jobs, and takes on Ann Taylor's new image. Interview and behind-the-scenes photos of the modeling shoot after the jump.


Spectrum: What's your dream job?

Spectrum: What was the styling and photo shoot process like?

Spectrum: Can you describe the outfit you picked to wear for the shoot?

Spectrum: What appeal does Ann Taylor have for you? Do you think the brand is moving towards a younger look?

Models (left to right: Nancy Chou, Nida Vidutis, Alyss Varick, Erin Stahmer, Ashley Greco-Stoner)

Nida Vidutis posing on Revson Plaza

Nancy Chou by the Columbia gates

Interested in seeing the final product?

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