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Columbia Spectator Staff

According to the New York Times and BBC News, GS student Adriana Ferreyr, 28, has sued her ex-boyfriend billionaire George Soros, alleging that he neglected to give her a $1.9 million dollar apartment that he had promised her. In the lawsuit, Ferreyr claimed that Soros, following his reneged promise, "proceeded to engage in a deliberate and malicious campaign of extreme and outrageous harassment and intimidation against Ferreyr, which has directly resulted in her suffering and continuing to suffer severe emotional distress and damages." William Zabel, a lawyer for Soros, defended his client saying that the suit was "riddled with false charges."more Ferreyr, a Brazilian soap opera star, said that in 2010 Soros assaulted her, even throwing a lamp at her which required her to get three stitches for her foot and caused considerable trauma. According to Soros' lawyer, a police report concluded that "no assault occurred." Ferreyr that year ended up withdrawing from one of her classes at Columbia (imagine explaining that one to your adviser). According to court documents, the couple met in 2007 and in 2009, Soros allegedly promised her the $1.9 million apartment. Shortly afterwards though, Soros broke up with Ferreyr. The couple got back together in June but a few days later, when the alleged lamp assault happened, Ferreyr was told by Soros that he had already given his apartment to someone else. Ferreyr currently is living in her friend's apartment, which according to court documents, is in the same building a girlfriend of Soros currently lives. Soros, 80 years old, is best known for his philanthropy work and for earning $1 billion in 1992 for correctly speculating that the Bank of England would devalue its currency. Soros took part in the World Leader's Forum in October of 2010, where he spoke about the failed recovery efforts in the United States and in Europe.

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