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Our interpretation of the theme / Wikimedia Commons

Columbia has released this year's NSOP schedule! Check it out here and notice that although Convocation is in the program, according to this message, Convocation, as well as several other Sunday/Monday/Tuesday activities have been cancelled or moved to a different time. But still, observe the awkwardness of the Convocation in the description AND also notice that Tuesday's CC Academic Assembly has been cancelled too. This year's theme is "Taking Root, Branching Out" which this year's Orientation Coordinators have at last elaborated on in the program.more

Following this year’s theme, “Taking Root, Branching Out,” we have thoughtfully created programs for you to take root in the richly diverse community here in Morningside Heights – a home to people of all ages, races, ethnicities, nationalities, creeds, sexual orientations, and genders. There will also be many opportunities for you to branch out and explore the city. We hope you will make a home here as we have and that you will take advantage of the opportunities that await.

Illuminating and really on-point accurate. As a former NSOP'er activity enthusiast, I recommend the Bronx Zoo Tour (they really do have leaping lemurs!) and the Open Mic Coffeehouse.

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