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Class registration hasn't quite ended yet, and we thought we'd present a few of the most "legendary" classes at Columbia for those of you still unsure how to get your twelfth credit or fulfill your science requirement. Warning: This list obviously cannot contain all of the greatest Columbia classes. We attempt to include a range and variety of classes. Please post your own favorites in the comments! And for Gulati enthusiasts, well, we think he's a little too main-stream. Classes after the jump. In no particular order.more History of the City of New York [HIST W3535] Taught By: Kenneth Jackson Why It's Legendary: If you want to get to know your city better, look no further than Professor Jackson. And the whole class is invited to join Jackson for his famous bicycle tour of New York! Be warned, though, that his eccentricity may lead you to getting a bit lost along the way. A Free Press for a Global Society [POLS W3285] Taught By: President Lee Bollinger Why It's Legendary: President Bollinger, or "PrezBo" as he is called internationally, is possibly the most well-known figure on campus. And the closest you'll get to his wonderful hair, outside of pacing him on the Fun Run or winning the lottery with his fireside chats, is by taking this course. U.S. in the Era of Civil War and Reconstruction [HIST W3432] Taught By: Eric Foner Why It's Legendary: This man can teach about the Civil War better than Abraham Lincoln. Mainly because Lincoln is dead. In all seriousness, it makes sense why this class fills up quickly. Foner is not just a brilliant writer, but also a compelling lecturer. Joyce [ENGL W3230] Taught By: Philip Kitcher Why It's Legendary: Joyce sounds best in a British accent. Professor Kitcher is both brilliant and entertaining. If you're at all interested in literature, philosophy, or just want to see Kitcher perform his own interpretation of his favorite parts of Ulysses, take this class! Shakespeare I [ENGL W3335] Taught By: James Shapiro Why It's Legendary: Professor Shapiro sheds new light on Shakespeare in each new class. Nobody knows the bard better than this man. It's a class that even the Shakespeare-virgin can appreciate. Poppeth thou cherry! Intro to Computer Science - Programming in Java [COMS W1004] Taught By: Adam Cannon Why It's Legendary: Professor Cannon, on top of being a skillful lecturer, is a gentleman and a scholar.  He holds a couple of casual master's degrees in Applied Mathematics and Aerospace Engineering! Programming in Java isn't an easy course, but it sure as hell is a useful one. Just like getting your legs waxed, Cannon's course isn't entirely pain-free, but you'll come out of it as an extremely polished individual. Literature Humanities [HUMA C1001] Taught By: Gareth Williams Why It's Legendary: Though Literature Humanities is a requirement for a number of students, Professor Williams's section has become a class students would snap their Achilles' heel to get into. He's so dreamy! Intro to Electrical Engineering [ELEN E1201] Taught By: David Vallancourt Why It's Legendary: Professor Vallancourt is consistently the choice of the people for most likable and brilliant professor at Columbia. He makes electrical engineering as fun as laser tag after a few caffeine pills. Intermediate Macroeconomics [ECON W3213] Taught By: Xavier Sala-i-Martin Why It's Legendary: The only class where the last name Xavier is pronounced "Cha-vee-ay." Professor Xavier excels in wearing outré suits and being a certified economics genius. Intermediate and Advanced Microeconomics [ECON W3211] Taught By: Susan Elmes Why It's Legendary: Although Professor Elmes is as smart as a whip, she is possibly the toughest grader currently living. Don't let that deter you from taking a class with this gifted and impressive lecturer. ** Runner-Up! ** "French With Chromeo" Taught By: David Macklovitch (the white guy from Chromeo) Why It's Legendary: Nothing says legendary quite like being number one on the list of America's hottest college professors. Apparently, he's a pretty good French professor too!

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