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Columbia Spectator Staff

A four-car crash on Broadway at 118th Street left a taxi driver injured on Wednesday afternoon. Junior Castillo, 22, was driving a van for a Harlem-based supply company south on Broadway when a car unexpectedly made a U-turn from the northbound lane into the southbound, he said. "I tried to avoid him, but I ended up hitting the yellow cab," Castillo said. The crash happened at around 1:40 p.m. The van hit the taxi, which subsequently hit two cars—a white Grand Cherokee and a red Honda Accord—that were parked between 118th and 117th streets. The taxi driver was taken to the hospital, according to the NYPD officer on the scene. The cab, which was totaled, was towed shortly before 3 p.m. The cab had been parked and was not carrying a passenger. The incident was ruled an accident, and no charges will be issued against any of the parties involved, the officer said. Castillo said that he was told by the police that there was no way to issue a summons against the "dangerous" car making the U-turn, as that car had not been involved in the crash.

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