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This is it. This decision could make or break your life GPA. If you're in SEAS, today is the deadline to drop a class. If you're GS/CC/BC, today is the Pass/D/Fail deadline. So, how do you make the decision? What will decide your future? Here's a quick checklist to help you make your choice.more

Are you going to get a C? This can be a little harder to figure out of you're in a math/science class with a curve... but hey, you're in a math/science class, you should be able to figure this out. (If you can't, maybe you should Pass/D/Fail or drop, but that's another story.) Getting a C? Hide it, if you can. If you're unsure and think you have a good chance of doing a little better, hold off. One bad grade won't wreck your life. Note: Columbia students can uncover. Barnard can't. Use this information wisely. (A.K.A. Frown as you click P/D/F on eBear, knowing you can never go back.) Is the course in your major or minor? Does it have anything to do with future courses you might take? No? The deal is done, drop or Pass/D/Fail. Anyway, you can't Pass/D/Fail courses in your major or courses that you use to fulfill pre-health requirements. Other classes you can't P/D/F for Barnard: First-Year English. Does this class make you hate the world? Does it make your stomach turn with hatred and venom? Do you want to hit some poor, unsuspecting victim over the head with a metal chair after any lecture/discussion? Can't stomach doing the homework for this class—or if when you do it, you're so disgusted you vomit all over it? Not worth it. Drop or Pass/D/Fail. (And now, I think, I've scared half the campus with my hidden violent nature.)


Also, all seniors (in CC and SEAS) should be aware that today is the day that you apply for your degree!


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