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It's finals. You can't bear to be in Butler. What better way to procrastinate than to fill out a few short applications to let your voice be heard on Spec Opinion? We are currently accepting applications for columnists, Editorial Board members, Opinion bloggers, and artists, due December 28 at 11:59 pm. But which one, you may wonder, should you apply for? So glad you asked. You can apply to all of them or just a few by clicking the links above. Here's a rundown of what each position entails:more

The Editorial Board represents the voice of the paper. The 10 members of the Editorial Board (editor in chief, managing editor, two editorial page editors, and 6 at large members) meet twice a week to decide the contents of Spectator's staff editorials. In addition, Editorial Board members are responsible for proofreading the editorial page editor's drafts and suggesting edits. Staff editorials discuss campus issues and voice Spectator's opinions on them. They can be found here . Columnists are published once every two weeks. Columns run around 800 words long and have a steady and recognizable theme throughout the semester. A good column should be relevant to Columbia, timely, and have a clear opinion. Columns from this semester can be found here . Bloggers publish pieces on Spectrum 1-2 times a week. Blog posts are usually shorter and much more focused than columns. A good blog post should be relevant to Columbia and make use of lists, graphics, photos, links, or videos. Opinion blog posts can be found here. Artists create illustrations for op-eds 1-2 times a week. The editorial page editors will send artists an op-ed. The artist will then make an illustration that complements the op-ed's subject matter. Applicants who are also interested in being considered for editorial cartoonists can indicate their interest in the application form. Editorial cartoonists have their own weekly comic with a running theme. Illustrations for op-eds can be found on the right side of the page here and editorial cartoons can be found here .
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