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It's late. You're up. Reading week is almost over. Exams are nearly upon us. Let's get this thing started. more
Columbia news: One less decent place to eat: Bwog reported today that P&W Sandwich Shop is closing next week. Disappointing news. The adjoining Hungarian Pastry Shop, on the other hand, which celebrated its 50th anniversary this past spring, is not going anywhere. Speaking of anniversaries: Courseworks had its 10th birthday yesterday, and was honored by CUIT in a somewhat sentimental press release:

After the final courses transition to New CourseWorks in 2013, CourseWorks will be given its metaphorical gold watch and look on with pride as its successor continues to be updated throughout the years to meet evolving user needs.

If you can't beat 'em, buy 'em:

not very good

think we should get rid of it altogether

producing professional sports team owners

On this day...


Bill of Rights was ratified


Gone With the Wind premiered


voted to impeach President Clinton

Study Break:

CollegeHumor explains the eight stages of an all-nighter.

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