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Henry Willson / Senior Staff Photographer

The death of a high school basketball star in General Grant Houses left residents shaken in September. Tayshana Murphy, whom ESPN ranked the #16 point guard in the country, was gunned down at W. 122nd Street and Broadway. In December, the 26th and 28th precincts—which cover Morningside Heights and West and Central Harlem, respectively—held public forums to address locals' concerns. The News Desk's Luke Barnes covered the 28th Precinct meeting, focusing on the problem of "youth crews," which many blame in Murphy's death and ongoing disputes between local public housing projects. More after the jump, and read the story here.more From the story:

Williams also said that the NYPD will continue to work with the Drug Enforcement Administration, the NYC Police Athletic League, and the Pro Hoops basketball training service to provide free after-school basketball sessions to teenagers in Harlem and Morningside Heights. The program, which is financed through confiscated drug money, began weekday trial runs in October. Williams said the trials have been successful, and the program is being expanded to Fridays and Saturdays. But Williams acknowledged that one of the biggest remaining problems is how easy it is for teenagers to get handguns. Many people at the meeting asked where the guns were coming from, and why there are so many of them.

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