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While the picturesque landscapes and the possibility of canceled classes allow for some favorable winter-weather associations, frigid temperatures and slippery terrain set the stage for a miserable few months. The following cold-weather items will afford you warmth and traction on days when temperatures dip below zero and ice is known not as a beverage additive, but rather as what you slipped on earlier this morning. When you feel ridiculous sporting these items, keep in mind that you can actually feel your fingers, while your friends might at this moment be suffering from frostbite/hypothermia. Enjoy! 1. Moon boots These boots don't launch you up 238,857 miles, but they do claim to provide your feet with insulation and cloud-like comfort on snowy days. more 2. Balaclava A balaclava, or a knitted cap covering your face, head, and neck with cutouts for your eyes, leaves you warm on the most frigid days. Though typically in shades of brown or black, this orange one is just pretty cool. 3. Optic port hat Glasses-wearers rejoice. This patented hat is designed with two holes on opposite sides to accommodate a pair of glasses, shielding your head and ears from the cold. 4. Battery-warming gloves On days when regular mittens lend insufficient warmth, opt for these battery-powered warming gloves. Four AA batteries provide around eight hours of heat; a control switch allows you to select your desired temperature or shut it off entirely. When the gloves stop producing heat, simply replace the batteries. 5. iPod jacket This jacket sports iPod controls on its outer sleeve, allowing you to change stations or songs without having to remove your gloves and consequently face the elements. How are you keeping warm? Let us know in the comments!

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