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Columbia Spectator Staff

Worried about your GPA for that finance or consulting job? Want to vent to Dean PeMo? Jordan Freisleben brings you the highlights from last night's Engineering Student Council meeting:

GPAverage : Class of 2014 Vice President Sidd Bhatt, SEAS '14, met with Dean Feniosky Peña-Mora on Monday to discuss publicly releasing the average GPA of SEAS students. Some ESC members believe that releasing the average SEAS GPA would give students an understanding of where they stand, as well as address the concerns of students who believe that employers aren't evaluating their GPAs in terms of their coursework. more Maybe not: VP of Policy Logan Donovan, SEAS '13, is not in favor of this releasing an average GPA, at least not without consulting the student body first. "GPAs are still personal info, and we'd need the student body to communicate in favor if they want it,” she said. “Instead, we could better communicate to CCE the types of coursework and not ... [throw] a number in your face to prove a point to you. We want to look deeper than that.” Donovan said that to give students a better understanding of where they stand, SEAS could release grade percentiles based on year and major. Office hours: Office hours with SEAS dean Feniosky Peña-Mora last week went well, according to ESC President Nate Levick, SEAS '12, with about a dozen students attending. Topics addressed during the office hours included expanding study abroad options and the possibility of additional minors. Levick said that Peña-Mora followed up with specific students and directed them to the right administrators for their questions. (Election policy) Ch-ch-changes: The council voted in to allow candidates for ESC to campaign during the voting period. Previously, candidates were required to stop campaign once voting started. Donovan said that adding a few stipulations to this policy would be necessary to “keep it friendly” and make sure candidates don't get "aggressive about it," and several ESC members expressed concern about candidates bringing laptops to class and using them to campaign. Some members suggested that no campaigning be allowed in an academic setting, but the council ultimately did not approve any restrictions on campaigning during the voting period.
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