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Columbia Spectator Staff

Chances are, if you're like me, your wardrobe consists mostly of this, give or take a few Northface puffers, Sperries, and Uggs.

Aside: I am not condoning Uggs by mentioning them here. Personally, I think these should be renamed “Ughs.” And then banned from the surface of the planet.

What would we do without riding boots?


Lurking a few feet from doorways, smoking a cigarette with a nonchalant “can't touch this” air, you'll probably encounter

Admit it, you're jealous of her aura of New York street savoir faire.

While walking out of Butler, you find yourself suddenly blown off course by the whirlwind of frenetic energy and determination rushing past you that is

Juggling internships, 30 credits, and a social life...while wearing stilettos.

Strutting down College walk, you're feeling pretty fly in your nicely put together ensemble of a chunky sweater and ankle boots, until you see her. It's

People wear turbans & harem pants outside of the pages of Vogue?

And finally, trying to look as if she had just surfaced from listening to that new band that you've never heard of while spray painting anarcho-vegan activist symbols in the tunnels is

Notice the ironic use of Hello Kitty.

If you look carefully though, beneath all the accessories, bed-head, winged eyeliner, and backpacks, you'll see that while we may all have different styles and sartorial senses, we still have certain things in common that unite us as Columbia students.

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