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Columbia Spectator Staff

Tonight, Thomas Bartlett — also known as Doveman — will be returning to enchant the stage of Le Poisson Rouge with the return of his Burgundy Stain Sessions. Since its beginning in January 2011, Doveman's Burgundy Stain Sessions have attracted many talented artists, ranging from The Swell Season's Glen Hansard to St. Vincent's Annie Clark to Norah Jones. In his 2012 return, kicking off the first performance of a four-part series, Doveman will be joined by The National's Aaron Dessner and Bryan Devendorf, Julia Stone of Angus and Julia Stone, Trixie Whitley, and several other talented performers. Tonight's event features different groupings of Doveman and his special guests performing both old and new classics. The collaborative concert is advertised as being put together with little to no rehearsal, a decision partly stemming from the talent of the artists themselves and partly from their busy rehearsal schedules. "It definitely gives the music a different quality when we're to a certain extent making it up as we go along, and I enjoy the heightened intensity of that," Doveman said of the show's improvisational nature. The shows have not only allowed Doveman to establish a name for himself as a musician, but have also connected him with clients for his work as a producer. This year he has been busy producing the new records for Julia Stone, Glen Hansard, and Trixie Whitley along with continuing his own work as a musician. "Working on both Glen and Trixie's records came pretty directly out of these Burgundy Stain shows," said Doveman. "Producing is so much fun for me — working with artists I love to listen to, but actually getting to fuck with their music?! What could be more fun?" With such enthusiastic collaborations and musical partnerships, the show offers audiences an intimate and one-of-a-kind experience. Tickets for the tonight's return of the Burgundy Stain Sessions at 7:00 PM at Le Poisson Rouge are available for $15. The "Le Billet Rouge" special four-show ticket package can be purchased for $50.

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