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Unless something drastic happens, sophomores won't get to pick into non-Furnald singles after all, which shocks me to say the least. With 232 non-Furnald singles left (as of 7:58 p.m.), and 233 20-pointers set to pick over the next two days, all 20-point people will get to pick into singles (well except 20/3004...), but again, unlike what I said earlier, sophomores won't get to pick into non-Furnald singles. More on this later in the post---check after the jump for more forecasts (which should be pretty accurate now), and a discussion of summer transfer and the Sophomore Waitlist.more Juniors With only eight Schapiro singles remaining, these singles theoretically (and realistically) could cut off by 1727, slightly earlier than last year's 20/1924. After Schapiro cuts off, the remaining juniors will pick into McBain, Wien, and Harmony. Here are a few random tips. 1) The 2nd/9th floors of Wien have a lounge---the rest don't. Correction: The 2nd, 5th, 7th, and 9th floors of Wien have a lounge. Thanks commenter "Win." 2) Pick Wien if you want glamorous bathrooms, are okay with tiled flooring, and don't care about cooking. Pick Harmony if you like the suite setting, don't mind a smelly kitchen, and can stand the walk (tip: you can't). Pick McBain if you want the best lounge/kitchen. If the thought of McBain/Wien/Harmony make you feel really gloomy (or even if they don't) check out the section on summer transfer (quick heads up: it's easier than people make it out to be). For some of the mixed-point juniors, since it doesn't appear as though there'll be enough singles after all (again, we're not sure how this happened), there literally might not be any housing options left for mixed-point juniors. This situation I'm guessing is unprecedented, and I'm guessing Housing will deal with this by making a Junior Waitlist of sorts. Sophomores The Furnald cutoff actually will be bumped back a bit to 10/336. After that, it looks like literally the remaining sophomore class in General Selection (roughly 130 people) will be placed on the Sophomore Waitlist, which, again, doesn't make much sense and I don't have any explanation for how that happened. The 10/336, certainly, is a record. Sophomore Waitlist I suspect Sophomore Waitlisters will land less desirable housing now that it seems like juniors will be on the waitlist (and consequently juniors would get first pick). Aside from that, here's everything else you need to know about the waitlist (see scenario two in the link earlier in the sentence). Summer Transfer Summer transfer goes first by seniority and then by reverse lottery number (meaning a 30/2800 would pick before a 30/1423, and a 30/1423 would pick before a 20/2918). Essentially what happens is that they give you a form where you list your dorm preferences and then add any specifications to your preferences (e.g. I want to transfer only if I can get higher than a 5th floor in Broadway, or a room > 100 square feet in Harmony, etc.). If they can find a match, then you're mandated to transfer (or else pay, I think, a $500 fee). Otherwise you stay in your room. Usually sophomores can't get a summer or fall transfer. However, seniors have an excellent shot, and juniors do too. So that's that. As always, comments, gripes, concerns (especially this time), all welcome.

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