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No, WKCR deejays didn't drop the f-bomb. And no, Howard Stern hasn't made any recent special appearances. As reported earlier today by The New York Times, WKCR, Columbia's very own radio station, has been fined $10,000 for a lapse in record-keeping. WKCR's broadcasting won't be affected by the fine until at least 2014, when their license to broadcast will end, and will not be renewed unless the fine is paid.more The fine was announced on Tuesday after the FCC found that WKCR had not been maintaining a public inspection file, a set of records all radio stations are required by federal law to keep updated and available to the public. University spokesperson Robert Hornsby said that the lapse in record-keeping was prior to 2006, the year it was disclosed to the FCC. He also said that this does not represent current practices. Public inspection fines are not uncommon: WKCR is the third college station to be fined for this offense this month. Check back for more updates!

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