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Got humble pie?/Courtesy Flickr

Humblebrag verb 1. to subtly let others know about how fantastic your life is while undercutting it with a bit of self-effacing humor or "woe is me" gloss. --- Urban Dictionary. Sound familiar? These have been taking over Facebook and Twitter feeds recently, even going so far as to invade CU Admirers, so chances are that you've probably rolled your eyes at one of them in the past day. Or perhaps you've even invented a few yourself! (No shame. This writer knows she is guilty.) The term has even prompted a New York Times article, so like "YOLO" and "Gangnam Style," it's here to stay. To give you a good idea of what these look like so that you can learn to spot and then avoid them in the future, read on for a list of Columbia-inspired Facebook brags: 1. Of course the night I go to Le Cirque for Restaurant Week is the night John Jay serves steak. 2. Can't believe I was wearing sweats when I ran into Daniel Radcliffe and Joseph Gordon-Levitt on College Walk today… 3. Just realized my stat midterm is the day after I get back from Spring Break in the Bahamas… guess I'll just have to try to study while tanning and getting drunk #multitasking #ugghhmore 4. I knew my housing was too good to be true. Apparently I might have to share my 350-foot single and perfect view of downtown Manhattan with some rodent friends. 5. Waited in line for TWENTY hours for SNL tickets. Jennifer Lawrence and Taylor Swift better bring their game. 6. 4 final exams, 2 final papers, and a take-home exam stand in the way between me and baguettes and brie at Reid Hall. :) 7. Stupid Scholars Reception with PrezBo made me miss my yoga class. Plus the five-course banquet is going to totally ruin my diet. #bikinireadynomore 8. Got turned down from Peace Corps. Oh well, at least I have that Wall Street job as a backup. 9. Why didn't I check my email this morning?! Showed up for class to find out it was cancelled. 10.Got my last choice for Urban New York. Guess I'm seeing Wicked for a second time... 11. Got the lead in CMTS' next production opposite of Ben Platt! Hello, endless rehearsals and falling grades.

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