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Ah, yes, finally---Bacchanal, the ultimate symbol of spring's arrival at Columbia, is tomorrow. Spring, while certainly the loveliest time of the year here, replete with music sponsored not only by Bacchanal but also our campus radio stations, WBAR and WKCR, it also brings its fair share of challenges. For example, you will soon be annoyed by all those prospies swarming all over Lerner and crowding up John Jay for Days on Campus. If you're really feeling upset about this, check out The Eye's guide to campus for tips on how to treat a hopeful member of the Class of 2017 to a gush of unsolicited cynicism. Unfortunately, you may have also seen that terrible Harmony Korine movie Spring Breakers for the sole fact that it's been publicized heavily for what seemed like approximately three years preceding its release. If you came out of it thinking anything other than "I still think James Franco's Oscar-hosting stint was weirder than him blowing guns," it was probably "Damn, I need a beach body, stat." Fortunately, there are many opportunities to work out on and around campus, including studios for SoulCycle, the new mind/body workout program! For all this and more, read this week's issue of The Eye!

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