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My elders
It all starts with Christine Jordan, who convinced me to run for Spectrum editor. Thank you Helen Werbe for providing a few pearls of wisdom during my early months as editor, Devin Briski, Madina Toure, Sam Levin for taking care of my sister, Embry Owen, Michael Shapiro, Raphael Pope-Sussman. My biggest regret as Spectrum editor was asking Emily Tamkin to cut down on Just Ask Emily. I learned a lot from that mistake, primarily that it's important to listen to smart people who have done it before. Thank you Emily Tamkin for letting me know that Just Ask Emily was awesome. Thank you Zach Dyer for staying an extra semester and serving as Spectrum's incredible CAVA, Sadia Latifi for talking to Leah and me about Mind Matters, Neil FitzPatrick, Maggie Astor for being the greatest copy editor in Spec's recent memory, Akhil Mehta, Ben Cotton for setting an example, Yipeng Huang, Nilkanth Patel, Sarah Sommer, Bart Lopez for making Sunday nights fun, Thomas Rhiel for giving me a job to do.

i'd say i bonded with you guys
Thank you Emily Shartrand for forming with me the greatest Sports-Design associate tandem ever assembled, Andrea Chan for meals, Howie Mao, Samantha Henderson, Maddy Kloss for being an awesome second favorite person ever, Muneeb Alam for his humbleness, Henry Willson, Victoria Jones, Jeremiah Sharf, Robert Gordon, Sean Wong for pickup basketball, Michelle Lappen, Maya Fegan, Isaac White, Katie Crane, Lanbo Zhang, Andrea García-Vargas, Maggie Alden, Daniela Quintanilla, Marilyn He, Rebeka Cohan for the dedication, Molly Tow.

People i've gotten the pleasure to know
Thank you Zuzanna Fuchs for being the first person I met at Columbia, Leila Lin, Anthony Clay for repping the Bay, Spencer Gyory, Jeremy Liss for the beatboxing video, Zach Glubiak, Alison Macke, Lesley Thulin, Douglas Kessel, Christina Phan, Rebecca Schwarz for the Freshman Fifteen, Alex Smyk, Rob Frech, Yuma Shinohara, Lauren Seaman for toughing out a year of associate work with me, Peter Andrews, Samantha Saly, Steven Lau, Zara Castany, Leo Schwartz, Christopher Johnson for being a fun presence at the copy desk, Paul Hsiao, Jennifer Fearon, Trevor Cohen, Ryan Young, Harry Flager, Justine Hope, Laura Wasserman, Emma Finder.

News is the best
Thank you Karla Jimenez for the dependability and effort, Melanie Broder, Emily Neil, Yasmin Gagne, Sonalee Rau, Arvin Ahmadi, Naomi Cohen for the Days on Campus talk, Lillian Chen, Neha Sundaram, Andrea Shang, Margaret Mattes for having the good sense to never play me at Bananagrams, Jeremy Budd, Cecilia Reyes, Melissa von Mayrhauser, Sammy Roth for your humble spirit and dry wit, Finn Vigeland who I'm so glad I added to the listserv, Abby Mitchell for forgiving me for being an awful summer tenant, Katie Bentivoglio, Constance Boozer for the tip about Five Guys, Chelsea Lo, Casey Tolan, Daphne Chen, Gina Lee for study sessions.

Thank you Geetika Rudra, Nina Lukina, Noah Hindes for the incredible blog work and for SWYGH, Darron Kinney, Jenny Xu for outstanding blogging, Nathalie Barton, Bob Vulfov for being so darn handsome, Eli Grober for being so darn handsome, Sara Miller, Melissa Fich, Sandya Sankarram, Patrick McGuire for wit, Wilfred Chan for the vision, Ariel Levin for the toughness, Vickie Kassapidis, Emma Stein, Hahn Chang, Daniel Liss, Adrienne Peñaloza for coming back, Franny Corry, Myles Simmons for being a worthy successor to Kunal, Amrita Mazumdar for your enthusiasm and cute graphics, Claire Stern for your ridiculous dependability.

From 135
Thank you Andrew Hitti, Jasper I'll-Never-Forget-The-L Clyatt for taking my beautiful headshot, Gabby Porrino for braving one of the hardest jobs in Spec for way less credit than deserved you are incredible, Phoebe Lytle, Sam Roth, Jim Pagels, Allison Malecha, Ashton Cooper, Spencer Duhaime, Amanda Cormier, Alex Collazo, Ann Chou for being universally loved, Michele Cleary, Hannah D'Apice for the poise, Aditya Mukerjee, Jeremy Bleeke, Sarah Darville, Jake Davidson for welcoming me into the suite.

Fellow Panera bread lover
Thank you Abby Abrams for impressing me like no other Speccie has since 134. If it's in your heart, please run for CB next year.

Favorites, ranked of course
I am indebted to Abigail Fisch for copyediting Spectrum for a semester by herself. Jillian Kumagai, from Nugget to World AIDS Day to Panera to Oz, I'm glad our paths crossed. Thank you Jacob Levenfeld for recruiting me to Spectator, Kunal Gupta for staying an extra semester (or four, really) and helping me improve as an editor and a person, Sara Garner for your insane initiative keep driving you are a winner, Stephen Snowder for being the successor of my dreams, Rebekah Mays for friendship, Eric Feder for being the co-editor I never had, Grace Bickers for being so wonderful it motivated me to work my butt off every day to avoid disappointing you, Mrinal Mohanka stay kind thank you for Grimaldi's and much more. Thank you Leah Greenbaum for being the little sibling and caretaker I never had. We've been through a lot—you mean the world to me. Thank you Amber Tunnell for mentoring me, for being my go-to (and only) deputy for stories, and for being a great role model. Thank you Alix Pianin for welcoming me into the News family. You kept me in Spec.

And so it goes.

The author is a School of Engineering and Applied Science senior majoring in computer science. He was an associate sports editor for the 134th volume, Spectrum editor for the 135th managing board, opinion blogger for the 136th volume, and a Housing God for the 136th and 137th volumes.

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