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Spectator reporters are spread out across the city tonight at election watch parties for City Council, Manhattan borough president, and mayoral candidates. We'll be posting updates from our team as well as all of the election results as they come out. Click after the jump for the liveblog. more 12:29 a.m. And that's it for our liveblog! Thanks for following along with us. Be sure to pick up a copy of the paper tomorrow for full articles about all of the races. 12:26 a.m. While it looks like de Blasio has skated by over 40%, we probably won't know for sure whether he's avoided a runoff with Bill Thompson until at least tomorrow morning. But it's been an eventful primary night. Just to recap the winners of the local races we've been following: Council District 6: Helen Rosenthal, former Community Board 7 chair Council District 7: Mark Levine, Democratic district leader Council District 9: Inez Dickens, incumbent City Council member Manhattan Borough President: Gale Brewer, City Council member 12:15 a.m. De Blasio is still speaking, and so far keeping it vague about whether he won runoff. Says "next phase of the campaign." 40.2% with 97% reporting. 12:02 a.m. And de Blasio is addressing his supporters:

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attracted union support

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the New York Times' mayoral map

City Council results

WNYC's map

a full list of results from the AP

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