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Did you know the School of Engineering and Applied Science turns 150 this year? Want to know what the Engineering Student Council did over the summer? ESC correspondent Lillian Chen, along with new reporters Katherine Kim and Zachary Heinemann, brings you the latest:

What they've done:

SEAS birthday : This year is the 150th anniversary of SEAS! ESC president Siddhant Bhatt, SEAS '14, and EGSC (Engineering Graduate Student Council) president David Parker will sit on a committee of mostly faculty to plan the 150th anniversary celebration, On my honor : ESC Vice President of Policy Tanya Shah, SEAS '14, said a SEAS honor code was a major topic of discussion at a recent Committee on Instruction meeting. ESC will be working with EGSC to look into academic honesty and how it fits in with the SEAS community. Add/drop : Shah said that the reason SEAS students do not currently have electronic add/drop—a system recently implemented for Columbia College students—is that SEAS students must get an adviser to sign off before dropping a class. Elections update : Natalie Chee, SEAS '16, was elected to the ESC Elections Board. Chee said she hoped to get more students to run for office and more students to vote.

What to expect:

Math magicians : ESC is looking to hold a math competition for high school students to reach out to prospective students and put the Columbia Engineering name out there. Roar lion roar : ESC Vice President of Student Life Rushal Rege, SEAS '14, discussed holding a “Roar Lion Roar” competition for the annual tree lighting celebration. The competition would be open to any student group or group of students to submit a singing rendition of "Roar Lion Roar," and these renditions would then be uploaded to Facebook for a vote. The winner or winners would get to perform at the ceremony. SEAS shop : According to ESC Academic Affairs Representative Robert Ying, SEAS '16, SEAS Dean Mary Boyce is trying to push for more shop space at Columbia. This would provide more space for workshops and for clubs like Formula SAE-Knickerbocker Motorsports to meet. Ying said the estimated timeline for the initiative is one year. Fresh SEAS : Forty-five students expressed an interest in running for five available council spots, four traditional positions on the freshman class council, and one 3-2 representative position. Campaigning begins next Wednesday, Sept. 18, and polls are open from Sept. 23-25.
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