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Columbia Spectator Staff

Engineering Student Council correspondent Katherine Kim brings you the latest from last night's meeting.

What They've Done

Let Us In : ESC president Siddhant Bhatt, SEAS '14, Columbia College Student Council president Daphne Chen, CC '14, and CCSC vice president for policy Bob Sun, CC '14, formally released their resolution on restoring undergraduate access to the Watson Library on Oct. 13. Bhatt brought up some key points regarding the resolution, citing under-utilization of space in the library and the potential domino effect that could arise within the University community when one library closes access to undergraduates. While the board proposed some edits to the resolution for clarification, they voted to pass the resolution. more

What To Expect

SGO Renovation : While an actual proposal has not been drafted, ESC is looking into revamping the Student Government Office. Located on the fifth floor of Lerner, the SGO is divided into three primary sections: a left, center, and right room. ESC is considering drafting a proposal to convert the right and left rooms to bookable meeting rooms and to change the organization of tables in the center room in an effort to better utilize the space. The board hopes to offer this renovated space to large student groups on campus. Meeting with Dean Kachani : In next week's student council meeting, ESC will be talking with SEAS Vice Dean Kachani about some key issues ranging from academic study spaces to campus sustainability. Homecoming Weekend : Comprising a Spirit Day on Thursday and a pep rally on Friday of this week, the Homecoming Weekend is in the process of being advertised around campus. As of now, a Facebook event has been created, and fliers will be posted shortly. Got Fu'd : ESC is working on confirming the list of professors participating in the upcoming faculty-student dinner where undergraduates discuss their academic goals and majors with the engineering faculty. 150th Anniversary : ESC is still sorting the details on celebrating the anniversary and will meet with different engineering student groups on campus to discuss potential ideas and formulate a plan.
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