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You know the feeling: You wake up 30 minutes before your 8:40, or your 11:40—hell, even your 2:40—and just can't bear the thought of using your limited brain activity to put together a coherent outfit. So you groggily throw on some sweats, a Columbia tee, and your finest Asics and call it a day. Or maybe it's a pair of dad jeans and boat shoes. Whatever the case, the point is that most people have a go-to outfit for when they're too tired to care, and oftentimes, it's not that flattering. I'm not suggesting that everyone wear a tailored suit, slim tie, and pocket square to class every day. While that would make us a lock for the best-dressed campus on Earth, even I can't bring myself to put that much effort into my day-to-day garb. I just don't need to be ready to grace the cover of GQ while I drag my sleep-deprived ass from CC to Astronomy. However, I do live by the philosophy that I should look good any time I can help it for the sake of my own self-confidence and mild narcissism. This can be accomplished with much less effort than you'd think.more

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The key is stocking your closet with a selection of properly-fitting basics, such as slim jeans and chinos; fitted button downs, polos, and tees; and a couple pairs of classic shoes. As a foundation, a blue OCBD (oxford cloth button down), some dark denim, and a pair of desert boots will never go out of style. Add a plaid button down, three neutral crew neck tees (green, gray, and white, for example), a pair of khaki chinos, a brown leather belt, a pair of New Balance 574s and a pair of white Converse Jack Purcells, and you've already got 30 different outfits. Since pretty much every combination looks good, all you have to do is roll out of bed and grab a top, a bottom, and some shoes, and you're ready to stumble on out the door looking perfectly well-dressed. In the current chilly months, just throw on a sweater and you're set. Of course, such a wardrobe would get boring pretty quick, but it's a good place to start. Starting with the next post, I'll focus on a particular piece or type of clothing and outline fit, color, and style so you can branch out and start to build a personalized, interesting wardrobe of your own. But it all starts with the realization that being well-dressed can be just as easy as throwing on those baggy sweats—and more satisfying to boot.

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