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Engineering Student Council correspondent Katherine Kim brings you the latest from last night's meeting.

What They've Done:

Sexual Assault Transparency : Several ESC representatives have held meetings with CU Dems this week and pitched in their help to write a working draft of the resolution supporting the sexual assault transparency initiative . The document, titled “Resolution to Bring Transparency to the Reporting of Campus Assault”, was read aloud during the meeting, and council members gave their input on the matter in a short discussion. ESC will continue to work on finalizing the draft this week. Project Grants : VP Finance Brian Wu, SEAS '15, met with the legal counsel this weekend to discuss any issues that may arise from the Engineering Project Grants. All legal concerns and questions were addressed and resolved during the meeting. The council unanimously voted to uphold the proposal for Project Grants. The application will be sent out to all relevant applicants shortly. Bacchanal : E-board representatives have been meeting with governing boards to decide whether or not ESC should increase funding for Bacchanal this year. Go Green : Sustainability Liason Malini Nambiar, SEAS '15, spoke to representatives from the sustainability offices at Harvard, Penn, and Duke to compare the success of the Green Labs Initiative program at the various campuses. Nambiar hopes to find a way to offer incentives to student groups who show an effort to deploy sustainable waste disposal methods. A recycling survey will be circulated soon by the EcoRep Living Green Committee. more

What To Expect


Study in John Jay: The Communications Committee plans to hold a small study event in John Jay where students will have the opportunity to enjoy light snacks, like coffee and cookies, and study in a quiet space. Anonymous Survey : VP Communications Jillian Ross, SEAS '16, said her Communications Committee is thinking of sending out anonymous surveys to the student body to get feedback on ESC policies and initiatives. Students who fill out these surveys will have a chance to win prizes. Holiday Breaks: The ESC Class of 2014 council is partnering up with CCSC to plan a Thanksgiving study break session in John Jay next weekend. Students will be served pie and cider. A holiday-themed party is also in the works for this winter. Anti-Hazing : Student Services Representative Jerry Sun, SEAS '15, attended the Anti-Hazing Committee meeting last Friday and discussed ways to educate the student body on the meaning and consequences of hazing. The committee plans to hold anti-hazing bystander training sessions in January for student leaders in campus. Open Position : Tomorrow, Nov. 20., is the last day to apply for the ESC Directory of Technology position. Application closes at 11:59 PM. Access it here .
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