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It will be just like this. Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

There's a new student group in town, and its name is Hi-Fi Snock Uptown. While that name is still an enigma to us, the group promises awesome music and (vegan!) stew, which you can experience for yourself at their first event this Friday, February 28th at 9 p.m. in 501 Dodge. The group already has its own ~super kool~ website running as well. Kevin Roark, one of the creators of Hi-Fi Snock Uptown, greets you on the homepage via an audio recording: "Hi, I'm Kevin Roark. I started this website for one reason and one reason only: Free. Fun. Music." In slightly more official terms, their mission is described as "aiming to bring together musicians and artists every few weeks to foster a greater sense of artistic community on campus." Both versions sound good to us! More importantly, the bands playing at the first event this weekend are all familiar faces in the Columbia music world, and ones that Spectator has covered a couple times before. Here's a quick round up of who's featured at the event and what you can expect to hear: Jack and Eliza: this newly-formed freshman duo (although Jack goes to NYU) recently opened at the Music Hall of Williamsburg. Lovers of She & Him, rejoice---even they consider their indie-pop music to be "nostalgic." more The Tugboat Captains: No information about this band could be found, but you should go check them out anyways because their name says enough. Rutabaga: These "kings of the produce aisle" have been around for a little while. They've made a name for themselves by playing their instruments with vegetables. Do you really need to hear more? The Dicktations: This rock/punk group seems to be relatively new, so go check out their SoundCloud. They even have a music video! Solid Gold Luxury: Otherwise known as Sean Delanty, CC'16. His experimental, electronica beats find their roots in his classical training.

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