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#Hype is #Hype-ing. Spec's very own Opinion/Spectrum Deputy Matteo Leibowitz leads a parallel life as a hypemerchant DJ. This morning, Bwog posted about a laundry room rave, hosted by the merchants. We at Spectrum had the same reaction as most commenters on the bwog article: why. We then decided to take advantage of our connections to one of the hypemerchants, and we did some Q&A for all of your enjoyment. Matteo was kind enough to bring another attendee of the rave, Sam Piland. more What is #hypemerchants? What kinds of hype will you be merchanting in the future?  ML: Legendary DJ collective. Expect many hypes in the near future. SP: The near, far, and now future. How many merchants are you, and how does one go about becoming a merchant? ML: There are three of us. You don't really become a merchant---you're born one. SP: I was not born a merchant. What about a laundry room was so appealing? The whirring of the machines? The smell of old detergent?  ML: Probably the unbearably high temperatures and the small space...because that's a laundry room. SP: Because that is good. I was already there actually before they showed up. Did anybody awkwardly try and do their laundry mid-rave? SP: 1:55 ML: 2:42 What exactly is that arm-flapping move called at 0:33? SP: The Slay Tor ML: The Young Isaac Slay Tor. Did you indeed have "Kush, drank, and bars in [that] b*tch?" or is that just like a figure of speech? SP: Shout out DJ stank boy Rashad bang bang. ML: You'll have to come to the next young #Room# to find out. SP: ...! Do you have nicknames?  SP: I have different nicknames depending on the medium: lil SMIZE for DJing, Brown Sam for rapping, Sam for every day events. ML: Teo is my nickname. My DJ name is Half-Chub: I have no way of explaining why this is. According to Bwog, Teo, you sent the video 17 times. Why 17 and not 16? Or 18? ML: I only sent it once. SP: I sent it 16 times cos thats a boss number. The hype-merchants are DJs of few words. They both have shows on WBAR, check out Teo's here and Sam's here. We think this Q&A has only left us with more questions.

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