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It's not really 1:11, but we like consistency.

It's late, and so are we. All that live blogging and free candy at Room Selection today made everything a little hazy. You know, that very specific food coma when you eat too many Reeses in quick succession? Also, senior regroup was easily the most nail-biting event since the "How I Met Your Mother" finale.  Sciencescience: Researchers have an answer to why zebras have stripes. This bit of news is presumably being read all over. Heard along the Ivy: In a story published a few years ago that has recently been making the rounds on various media outlets, a staff writer at the Harvard Crimson examines the practice of binding books in human skin. Because Harvard has a few books that are bound in human skin. And this article has a few puns. Cereality check: An entry on examines the rationale behind  mascot eye contact, or lack thereof, on cereal boxes. The End: This is a video of cats viewing videos of other cat videos.

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