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It's late. You're up. Reading week is upon us. You're being unproductive, but, you know what? So are we. We're all in this together. Stop overusing words: This website is helpful! It helpfully counts the most frequent words and phrases you've been using in your papers so you can see if you've gone overboard with repetition. This website is so helpful! Along the Ivy: PBS just aired a special on Barnard! Chances are that everyone you know and their roommates are in it. I, for one, show up at 15:40. So hey. Reality check: Regardless of what privilege is, this is the absolute easiest way to check it. A little bird tweeted: Author Salman Rushdie explained that he's bored by Twitter because other annoying Tweeters Haroun-ed it for him. Hehe. The end:  Not that anyone is surprised, but this wildly disturbing video about the Columbia gigolo is also the teaser for this semester's Orgo Night on Thursday:

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