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Finals are upon us, so we thought we would help you out as you choose your study space (carefully). It's that woeful time of the semester, when:

  • Butler seat-searching (and saving) turns into the Hunger Games 2.0.
  • Uris closes its doors to anybody that doesn't know what marginal utility (or Gulati's favorite drink) is.
  • You actually find out we had a Geology Library (in Schermerhorn - check it out if you're desperate).
  • You might attempt the uphill trek to Burke.
  • You give up on everything and actually clean your room so you can work there.

We thought it might be helpful to see what the peak swipe-in times for most libraries on campus were, so here's a crafty visualization that shows you just that. Be smart and plan your library visits around them - clearly, the least swipe-ins happen between the wee hours of 3 am and 7am, so if you can reset your body clock just right, you might be able to score some quality library real estate. But if you don't have the stamina, don't camp out for 5 hours, please.

If this hurts your eyes, go here for the full-size version. For this visualization, swipe-ins is averaged over the week and across the year. The data-set was obtained from Library Information Office (Butler 201). Wait for it to load, then hit "Transition" to get things started. (Mouse-over a library to see which one it is.)

Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 4.47.20 PM

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