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The answer is that they're both featured in a new Starbucks commercial, hawking Teavana chai and making you feel bad about the last time you called your mom. The song used in the 30-second ad is the new studio version of Morningsiders' first hit, "Empress." Along with the studio version of "Empress," the band has also released a studio single, "Welcome Rain" on their SoundCloud.more Though they've played shows around the city this year, Morningsiders have laid fairly low on campus after breaking out last January with the video for "Empress," then gaining traction throughout the semester, releasing another video, and eventually opening for Macklemore at Bacchanal 2013. This isn't the first time Morningsiders have been billed with a big name, and it's hard to think it'll be the last. Who else feels like a chai right now?

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