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Two CBC dancers perform "Moonlight and Sonatas," choreographed by Kevin Jenkins.

The Columbia Ballet Collaborative, a ballet group run by, directed by, and comprised of students from all four undergraduate colleges, will celebrate its 10th anniversary this semester by featuring alumni in its spring performance.

Two CBC alumni, Caitlin Dieck Locke, GS '13, and Richard Isaac, GS '14 and SIPA '15, choreographed two new pieces that will be performed by a group of alumni.

Elizabeth Ratze, CC '17 and CBC's current artistic director, said this was a chance for alumni to return to campus, giving both new and old dancers a chance to celebrate the anniversary with the group.

"Alumni can see how CBC has grown and changed," Ratze said.

Beyond the performances, Ratze said having these alumni come back would also provide an opportunity for newer members to be mentored by dancers who had come before them.

The program will also include two new pieces, choreographed by Barry Kerollis and Craig Salstein specifically for current CBC dancers, in addition to a work by George Balanchine, a world-renowned choreographer whose pieces are performed by CBC every spring.

But rather than putting on a program of entirely new works, as the group typically does, CBC will honor its past 10 years by restaging two pieces that the group performed in previous years.  

When deciding upon which of CBC's long list of previously performed pieces to restage, Ratze said she consulted fellow dancers in the group.

"We were just discussing what have been successful pieces, what have people remembered, who are the choreographers that people are still talking about, who would our audience members want to see come back," Ratze said.

Ultimately, they decided on works by renowned New York City-based dancers Emery LeCrone and Claudia Schreier, both of whom have worked with groups such as the Ailey School and the New York City Ballet.

"What's really cool about that is that both of these choreographers, although they were really great when they first choreographed for CBC, are now really big names in the dance community," Ratze said.

The program, which will be performed twice on April 15, will take place in Miller Theater. | @columbiaspec

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