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Columbia's third Joe Coffee has taken over the spot next to the Columbia School of Journalism where UP Coffee was.

After several years of business, UP Coffee, nestled between Furnald Hall and the Columbia School of Journalism, has been replaced by another Joe Coffee. A sign posted on the door over the summer announced its closure and thanked customers for their business.

The new location opened August 9. It is the Manhattan-based franchise’s third location on Columbia’s campus, in addition to those in Dodge Hall and the Northwest Corner Building.

Like the other two locations on campus, this Joe sells a variety of beverages, pastries, and breakfast and lunch items. However, the coffee at both the new location and the NoCo location has a higher price than the coffee sold at the Dodge Hall location. A small coffee in the new Joe and the NoCo Joe costs $2.76. A small coffee at the Dodge Hall Joe costs $2.25. The reason for this price difference is that the location in Dodge Hall uses its own special blend of coffee, which is less expensive, according to a representative from Joe. The blend of coffee used in both NoCo and the new location is the same blend used at all other Joe Coffees.

The loss of UP Coffee leaves Blue Java Coffee Bar and Brownie’s Cafe as the only non-Joe coffee shops open to undergraduates on campus. Those still hoping to get an UP Coffee fix are in for a letdown, as it was an independent shop with only one location. Columbia students will have to find a new way to procure mini containers of gummy bears. | @ColumbiaSpec

Updated 8:00 p.m. September 9 to include the reason for the price difference between the various Joe Coffee locations.

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